Ask for Help

If you’re already a member of Viking Athletics, it’s because you recognized that you needed help with your fitness journey. Maybe you needed the education

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When it comes to recovery, everyone seems to be looking for an edge. Cold plunges are in vogue right now. Heck, I’ve jumped on that

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Skol Sessions – Episode 13

In this episode, we discuss the importance of exercise for our nation’s youth, which has been on the decline for a couple of reasons. We

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Manage the Rower

Rowing – it can be difficult to manage when it’s part of a workout. It’s also challenging to improve a max effort time, especially if

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On Fridays, we (usually) start a #brightspotfriday thread in our private Facebook group. Essentially, the goal of this thread is to help our members celebrate

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Weightlifting History

Monday, 3/27/23 was the 18th anniversary of my first CrossFit WOD. My CrossFit career is old enough to vote. Tuesday, 3/28/23 was the 132nd anniversary

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Coaches Struggle Too

Why do most people join Viking Athletics for coaching? Much of what we teach can be self-taught, and those of you who have been with

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