What’s Your Linchpin?

At Viking Athletics, we frequently harp on the importance of forming healthy habits, based on healthy behaviors. Motivation comes and goes, and if you have

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Consistency is the First Step

Happy New Year, Viking Family! In 2021, we heavily pushed consistency over intensity. James Clear put it best: “INTENSITY: – run a marathon – write

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Tools of the Trade

In my younger days of training, I eschewed belts, lifting shoes, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, and other tools of the trade as “crutches.” I opined

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Hero WODs and Holidays

I’ve recently been peppered with the question, “why didn’t we do [insert hero/”epic” WOD here] on Thanksgiving? Or on other “occasions” for that matter. If

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PVC or Weight?

When we bring people through our on-ramp program, we start off teaching movements with a PVC pipe. We then progress to at least a 15

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Keep it Simple, Stupid!

KISS – a great band, and a great acronym. Keep It Simple, Stupid! Words to live by in both training, and nutrition. But, keep in

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Active Recovery

Active recovery – it’s a term that gets thrown around a lot. If you follow any CrossFit Games athletes, it’s not uncommon to see their

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