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Erik Castiglione Owner of Viking Athletics

Erik Castiglione - OWNER

A native of West Hartford, Erik has had a lifelong passion for fitness. His earliest fitness memories include partaking in the Duffy Elementary School Runners Club and early morning gym, and several youth sports. While attending Conard High School he focused on football, wrestling, and baseball. He graduated in 2005 as a CT scholar athlete and a captain of the CCC West Champion wrestling team. He was first introduced to CrossFit in the spring of 2005, and started incorporating CrossFit workouts into his training.

After obtaining his BS in electrical engineering from Yale University, Erik became one of the first members of Viking Athletics. He moved to Philly in early 2010 to work for the Navy as an electrical engineer and earn his MSEE from Villanova. While in Philly, he began competing in local CrossFit competitions, and became a part time CrossFit coach. After several years with the Navy, Erik was able to turn his love of science from engineering to exercise science and physiology. He became a full time coach and part owner of two gyms down there. In 2015, he became Philly’s first CrossFit Level 3 coach. He moved back home to West Hartford in early 2016, where he became the owner and head coach of Viking Athletics.

OUR coaches

Monique Mount Coach at Viking Athletics

Monique Mount


Coach Mo currently runs our Youth Strength and Conditioning program. She has used strength and conditioning to rehabilitate herself after sustaining injuries in a couple of car accidents. In addition to helping her regain her physical abilities, she discovered that training has an IMMENSE mental health benefit as well, both in terms of self-confidence, and with stress relief.

As a Brand X Professional Youth Coach, Mo takes pride in helping our youth members build this same confidence as they develop physically. Certifications: Brand X Professional Youth Coach CrossFit Level 2 CrossFit Kids CrossFit Weightlifting CrossFit Level 1

Dr. Beth Manion Coach at Viking Athletics

Dr. Beth Manion


Coach/Dr. Beth not only coaches some of our CrossFit classes, she also regularly assesses and treats our members for any nagging pain they may have. While many doctors and PT's will tell their patients to avoid activities like strength and conditioning, Beth knows that avoidance doesn't solve the problem. She works with our members to correct the issue that's causing pain, and assists our other coaches with modifications for the members to make sure they can continue working out as they resolve their issues.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 USA Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach Doctor of Physical Therapy, Sports Certified Specialist Dry Needling Level 3 Graston Technique level 1 National Council on Strength and Fitness Certified Personal Trainer

Marcus Andersen Coach at Viking Athletics

Marcus Andersen


Coach Marcus is passionate about getting the most out of our members and showing them that they're capable of more than they thought possible. He brings this mindset to our competition program as well, which is designed to prepare members for local competitions. Certifications: CrossFit Level 1

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