2023 Intramural Open – Week 2 Update

Now that week 2 has come and gone, we are 2/3 through the 2023 Open! Or, should we say, 3/4 through? This week was technically 2 WODs, since 23.2 had part A and part B. This provided us with a big opportunity for points in our intramural open – 2 different opportunities for participation, podium, and PR points. And holy moly, were there PR’s! We saw A TON of thruster PR’s, which is a 10 point bonus for our athletes. Furthermore, we had an athlete complete his first Open WOD in the prescribed division for 23.2 A, which was also a PR.

While everyone performed to the same standard of movement for thrusters, CrossFit HQ decided to use the same division from 23.2 A for 23.2 B. In other words, if you scaled 23.2 A, you were considered scaled in 23.2 B. While I don’t necessarily agree with this, for intramural purposes, I followed the convention because it allowed for more point earning opportunities.

As far as team spirit was concerned, both Team Conversational Pace and Team 2 Legit 2 Quit set up a food/beverage station for everyone attending Friday Night Lights, so we’re splitting the 10 point team spirit bonus between them – 5 points each. Lastly, in the women’s scaled division for 23.B, we had a tie for first place. When we have a tie on the podium, we add up the total points available for those spaces, take the average, and award that to the participants. In this case, 7 points for first + 5 points for second is 12 points, averaged for 6 points per person in the tie.

The results from week 2 are below. There are separate divisional tabs for 23.2 A and 23.2 B. Combined scores are shown in the Week 2 team tab. As things stand now, it’s still a close race between Team Conversational Pace and Team 2 Legit 2 Quit. Remember, participation is still the biggest contributor to team points. So, get out there in week 3 and earn points for your team. On to the finale!

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