2022 Intramural Open – Week 2 Update

We’re now 2/3 of the way through the Open, with 1 week remaining! Open WOD 22.2 was challenging, to say the least. Here’s our Week 2 Update!

The WOD:

Deadlifts (225/155)
Bar Facing Burpees
10 Minute Time Cap

My Thoughts:
1. This workout was very accessible, which I think was the goal. Neither movement requires tremendous skill, and both are pretty simple to judge.

  2. This type of workout is a good example of why CrossFit has a reputation for being “unsafe.” It shows a complete lack of understanding, or at least, ignores, basic biomechanics. The deadlift requires us to use our spinal erectors to prevent our spines from flexing. So, we focus on extending our back. As we go into and out of a burpee, we pass through the “cobra” position, which puts us in a hyperextended back position. Thus this workout asks us to perform as many as 200 repetitions of the same movement pattern, in a high intensity situation. This is risky.

  While defenders of the faith will argue that CrossFit’s mantra is “mechanics, consistency, AND THEN intensity,” the fact is, the Open in and of itself creates a high intensity environment. It IS a competition, no matter how seriously or not we pretend to take it. Defenders will also argue that a good coach will scale load as needed. What this does not consider, is the fact that very few people can deadlift a barbell from the ground with zero compensation in the low back. We may look like we have a flat back, but I guarantee that we all experience at least some spinal flexion at the bottom, which only increases under fatigue. The only way to ensure zero compensation would be to elevate the deadlift, or use a trap bar. Neither scaling option is allowed under the scaled or Rx’d versions of 22.2.

  Does this mean that we should never deadlift a bar? Of course not. As with all exercise, there is a risk to reward that must be considered, as well as athlete preferences. A good coach will consider all of the above, and work to mitigate risk. Unfortunately with this workout, we are starting in an inherently risky situation, which I would rather see avoided. And, it’s all the more ironic when you juxtapose 22.2 with 22.1, in which athletes were forced to step down from the box to protect them from potential Achilles tendon ruptures. Baby steps, I suppose.

Week 2 Update
Nailed it! Courtesy of @MakeWODSGreatAgain on IG

  3. If you’re still reading after the word vomit that was #2, I appreciate you! And I’m immensely proud of our athletes toughing this one out, and checking egos. We have several athletes who have back issues already, and opted to go slow and steady, and scale as needed during this one. That makes me very happy.

  Lastly, before we get to our scores for this week, Rage Against the Machines won spirit points this week. They had the most people participate, the most people show up wearing their team shirt (Snatch Me If You Can was a close second here), and the only PR this week. Shout-out to John Cunningham for completing his first Open WOD Rx’d! I also want to give a shout-out to Sean Kelleher from Drop It Like It’s Squat, who performed the WOD in a resort gym in Mexico, and videoed the results. Now, onto the standings after week 2:

Week 2 Update

For full results, you can view our online scoresheet here. Last week, coming up!

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