The CFR 2019 Intramural Open!

The CFR 2019 Intramural Open!

It’s that time of year again! We are officially less than a month away (Feb 21, first WOD announced) from the CF Open, and our 2nd Annual CFR Intramural Open.

For all you seasoned CFR folk, you saw how amazing our community came out for all 5 workouts in 2018! We’re bringing Friday Night Lights back for 2019!!!

For all you newer folks (weren’t CFR members during the 2018 Open) we put our own spin on the CrossFit Open season, we call Friday Night Lights. We hope you sign up for the CrossFit Open for many reasons, but even if you don’t, you will be a part of the CFR Intramural Open! Any new members still unfamiliar with the CrossFit Opens feel free to reach out to a coach for more details.

Before we begin, let’s give a huge shout out to our 2019 Captains!

Ana Calciano; Team name “Heart and Swole”
Marri Fairbanks; Team name “Weapons of Mass Destruction”
Rob Alarcon; Team name “Chalk Dirty to Me”
John Humphrey; Team name “Jacked in the Box”

Long story short, ALL our gym members break into 4 teams of equal size. Teams will be recruited by a captain/co-captain for each team. As a member, you can join any team you want! (This excludes Coaches and Comp Team members who have been drafted evenly across the 4 teams already)

Every Thursday during the weeks of 2/21-3/24, CrossFit HQ releases a workout at 8pm ET and we program that workout for the gym every Friday. We have normal classes from 5am-4pm and then starting at 5pm we begin “Friday Night Lights.” This essentially turns into a workout/party environment that is a mixture of fitness, fun and unrivaled community awesomeness!  You can sign up for a heat where you workout, get your score verified by a judge and then can partake in the party after your workout is done.

The team event comes into play by accumulating points for your team. Points can be had by 1) signing up for the open, 2) participating in the wod, 3) team spirit and 4) hitting PR’s, and more!

Are you going RX or scaled? Are you a Master (35+)? Our scoring system is agnostic! The top RX score and top Scaled scores in each division are worth the exact same points! Get out there and crush it! It’s all about participation, team spirit and general community gathering!

If you still have questions or need clarification, ask a member who did it last year, check with a Captain or ask one of the coaches. We had 103 people sign up for the Open last year and we hope to beat it. Who knows… maybe I’ll throw another party if we get 120+ to sign up this year!!!

See you at the gym and see you at Friday Night Lights!!

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