September Programming Update

September Programming Update
by Erik Castiglione

Greetings Relentless Family!

As summer comes to an end, our current strength cycle will as well. We’ve been running a 5/3/1 [1] cycle with deadlifts, front squats, push jerks, and shoulder presses for the last couple months. We’ve also been focused on the pulling portion of the clean and snatch. We started with some clean and snatch complexes, and then switched to the power clean and power snatch. We will be testing all 6 of these lifts throughout September. After we test them, we’re moving on to some different variations of our core lifts: box squats, pause squats, floor press, and z-press. These variations will target some weak points in our lifts, so when we eventually switch back, you should see a great payoff.

From a conditioning standpoint, July saw many longer duration WODs, culminating in “Nancy.” August focused on shorter duration WODs culminating in “Helen.” In September, we ’re going to see a big mix of things. We’re going to have short, high intensity interval WODs, long WODs, and everything in between. Additionally, you’re going to see some formats that we haven’t used in a couple years: EMOM style workouts with different movements, and workouts done for quality rather than time. The goal of mixing it up is to help you hit the high intensity workouts HARD, and to target other stimuli afterwards to help you recover from the high intensity bouts. To get the best results please make sure you follow class instructions. If a WOD has something in it done “at an easy pace”, or something is done “for quality”, please treat it accordingly. Going too hard when that’s not the goal is going to make it difficult for you to recover. We’re hitting “Fran” at the end of the month, and the Open starts in October, so we want everyone to be performing optimally when these events roll around.

From a movement standpoint, expect to see a bunch of new things. We’re going to be focusing on general strength movements: farmer’s carries, sled drags, suitcase and yoke carries, sled pushes, and waiters’ walks. September is going to feel different than the rest of the year so far. Hopefully, you all enjoy the variety. Our goal is to optimize your fitness, so that you feel better in addition to seeing performance results, without overloading you. As always, I am open to feedback and suggestions. If our membership enjoys the WODs, we’ll continue using similar options in the future. If not, we’ll take it out. Give it a shot and let me know what you think!

September Programming Update

[1] This is NOT a Wendler cycle; there is no such thing. Jim Wendler is a person who has created numerous training programs, including 5/3/1. It is quick, simple, and effective, and we’ve seen great results when using it. Nomenclature and terminology matter, which is why we push the correct terms. Rant over.

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