Molly James – May 2020 Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Molly James for being our May Member of the Month! Molly is a loyal member of our 5am class when the gym is open, and has recently been our most regular attendee of our 6am Home WOD program. The Reverend Doctor James is also the Deputy Executive Officer of the General Convention, and an adjunct professor in religious studies. We’re still waiting on the Church’s input regarding who is the Patron Saint of thrusters. Enjoy her interview!

Molly James - May 2020 Member of the Month

  1. What are your hobbies/interest/talents outside of CrossFit?

I love spending time outdoors – hiking, walking, sailing. We have a small wooden sailboat, and one of the joys of our summers is spending time all together (husband, two kids, me) on the water. I love reading, writing, and occasionally tackle a small sewing or needlepoint project.

  1. Share with us one thing that most people do NOT know about you?

I love to cook, and I think I make some pretty good chocolate chip cookies.

  1. How long have you been with us at CFR?

I started in September of 2014. Our son was born in April of 2014, and I was looking for something to get back into shape. The bishop I worked for had been doing CrossFit for a number of years and inspired me to find a box.

  1. Take us back to your first week here. How did you feel? Remember the workout?

I had a solo on ramp class with Rick. He was great! I don’t remember all the details of the workout, but I think it involved situps, KB swings and box jumps/steps.

  1. What moment/achievement are you most proud of at CFR?

Getting to the top of the rope. I was pretty sure that climbing the rope was on my list of things that would never be possible. Coach Gary thought differently, and sure enough, in a matter of minutes I was up at the top of the rope.

  1. Design your perfect workout?

Something with cleans and box jumps.

  1. What is your least favorite movement?


  1. Summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less.

Anything worth doing is hard.

  1. Have you experienced any changes in your lifestyle now that you have been a CrossFit athlete?

See video/sermon:
Or blog:

  1. What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking about joining or who has recently joined?

CFR is an amazing community. Everyone is welcoming and so supportive of each other wherever we are on our journeys. Stay engaged, you will thank yourself later. This community is a gift.


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