January 2019 Preview / December Recap

January 2019 Preview / December Recap
by Erik Castiglione

We closed out 2018 with one heck of a December. We tested numerous lifts and performed a couple of benchmark workouts. We ended with a bit of a deload so that everyone is ready for 2019. The lifts we tested: front squat, push press, low bar back squat, bench press, snatch, clean, power snatch, and power clean. We also worked up to a 1 rep max weighted pull-up, ended our cycle of rowing with a 2k time trial, and tested “Cindy”, the “Filthy Fifty” and “Eva.” The results:

January 2019 Preview / December Recap

  • 17 front squat PR’s
  • 34 push press PR’s
  • 48 low bar back squat PR’s
    • 5 ladies joined the 200 lb club
    • 3 gents joined the 300 lb club
  • 6 1 RM weighted pull-up PR’s
    • Ana got her first unassisted strict pull-up, as well as her first kipping pull-up
  • 9 Bench Press PR’s
  • 18 Snatch PR’s
  • 14 “Cindy” PR’s
    • 3 members tackled it Rx for the first time
  • 11 Clean PR’s
  • 20 2k Row PR’s, with numerous first timers hitting their goal time
  • 19 Power Snatch PR’s
  • 12 “Filthy Fifty” PR’s
    • 3 members tackled it Rx for the first time


Towards the very end of the month, we transitioned into the next phase of our training, which will continue until mid-February. This phase is going to focus on training density. In other words, you’ll be doing more reps in a constrained time so that you can get used to moving between 70-90% of your maxes with less rest than you would like. Why? Because the 2019 CF Games Open starts on 2/21, and we want to make sure you’re prepared for it. On two occasions so far, the Open has had a 1 rep max test after a metcon. On many occasions, the workouts have featured increasing weights, which means as you get progressively more tired, you must move heavier loads. If you can move 90% of your maxes while fatigued, you’ll be more than prepared for challenges like these.


Additionally, we’ll be building capacity in wallballs and double unders, and gymnastics movements like chest to bar pull-ups, handstand push-ups, and toes to bar. All are movements that have made appearances in the Open for the last several years. You can expect to see some previous Open WODs to give you a taste of what’s been done in the past. We’ll also test your wallballs and double unders (and your mental grit) with “Annie” and “Karen.” Finally, we just got our slam ball set in December. You can expect to see these pieces of misery in your upcoming WODs. Wallballs will seem like a breeze in comparison. Consider yourselves warned, it’s going to be a great month!

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