Competitors’ Program Annoucement

Competitors’ Program Announcement
by Erik Castiglione


Greetings Relentless Family! As we mentioned in our announcement email, we are organizing a competitors’ program here at CFR. I apologize for the delay in announcing the requirements, but it is for good reason.  At present, based on the data in Wodify, we don’t have any ladies who qualify for the program (granted, many of you have incomplete data). We have been deliberating whether the requirements were too hard, which has caused us to reexamine the purpose of this program. Given the goal of the program, the requirements will remain as they are. I am confident that our ladies who want to be part of this program will rise to the challenge. As such, we are delaying the start of the program until the week after Labor Day (the week of 9/10). This will give everyone 1 month to meet 7/10 of the requirements, and to allow our coaches to verify that you have met them. For more information on the program, keep reading below. Without further ado, here are the requirements:

REQUIREMENTS (You much achieve 7/10 to be eligible)

1: Clean and Jerk (M:225 lbs/W: 155 lbs)
2: Snatch (M: 155 lbs/W: 105 lbs)
3: Overhead Squat (M: 185 lbs/W: 135 lbs)
4: Ability to do muscle ups in a WOD
5: 2k Row (M: <8 mins/W: < 8:30)
6: Fran (Rx, <6 mins)
7: Filthy Fifty (Rx, <27 mins)
8: DT (Rx, <10 mins)
9: Diane (Rx, <10 mins)
10: Open and Closed (Rx, <10 mins)
Reminder – “Open and Closed”
Heavy KB Swings (70/55)
Toes to Bar
Double Unders

Why have this program?

We believe that there are many people within our community who have a desire to compete in local Rx competitions. We plan to pick 2-3 of these local competitions to attend annually, and to put on the best possible showing that we can. To help these people be as competitive as possible, we want to help them work on their weaknesses by giving them access to additional programming which will do just that. Furthermore, we want to give them an environment on a weekly basis in which they can push a little harder but working in a competitive setting.

What will this program entail?

In addition to our daily WODs, the competitors program will assign supplemental work (more gymnastics/skill work, additional lifts, or finishers) for these athletes to complete before or after class. While they will still be completing our daily WODs, they may some additional tweaks (heavier weights, more kipping, etc.) Additionally, we will have a time slot on Tuesday evenings from 7-9 PM for our competitors to train together and push each other.

Those requirements seem steep, why do we have them?

These requirements have been fine-tuned over the last couple months by testing several lifts and benchmark WODs. Together, they represent the movements or bases of movements that you are likely to see in Rx competitions. Athletes attempting to train for Rx competitions need to be able to handle the additional volume of work thrown at them. Furthermore, most of their additional work will be done outside of class. This means that a coach may not always be there to watch everything. During the Tuesday night sessions (run by the one and only Gary Boivin!), Gary will be jumping in to work alongside everyone, rather than coaching everything. Therefore, these athletes must have a solid athletic base and already be able to perform most high skill movements regularly. And finally, since the goal of the competition class is to prep for Rx competitions, it doesn’t make sense to have people jump in and have to scale the workouts.

I can make 6/10 requirements, can I still be allowed in?

Sorry, we’re not going to make exceptions because that will undermine the credibility and integrity of the program. If you need to achieve 1 more benchmark for eligibility, pick one of the outstanding ones that seems most achievable, and work towards it. If need be, contact a coach and get on a micro-program to achieve it.

I still want to compete, but I’m a scaled athlete. What should I do?

That’s great! We are still happy to help prep our scaled athletes for competition. You will be more than welcome to practice competition WODs and get feedback from coaches. However, you do not need the additional programming of which this competitors’ program will be comprised.  If you have a weakness, work on that outside of class and see a coach for help. Most importantly, continue to work towards completing our normal workouts as prescribed. On game day, our community will still be there to support you as you represent us.

Get Started:

For those of you interested, please verify that you meet 7/10 requirements. If you’re not sure, you have 1 month to try to get there. We will be launching this program the week after Labor Day (9/10). If you have any questions or want to participate, please email  me at We’re excited to kick this off, now, 3,2,1, GO!!!

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