Charlotte Hillery – August Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Charlotte Hillery for being CFR’s August Member of the Month.  She is a loyal member of the 6pm class! Charlotte has some BIG TIME athletic prowess in another sport… can you guess which one!?

Charlotte Hillery - August Member of the Month

1)      What are your hobbies/interest/talents outside of CrossFit?

If we’re being honest here, my life is mostly work, CrossFit, sleep, repeat with the occasional brunch thrown in there, but I guess I’ll dig a little deeper for a better answer! I actually really enjoy reading and have a fairly large library of books in my house. I mostly enjoy classic authors (Kafka, Rand, etc.) but also recently read Rich Froning’s autobiography for a change of pace. I love being outside, so I also got back into hiking this summer and try to consistently go for hikes most Sunday afternoons with some friends. I find being in nature is a great way to wrap up the weekend and gets my brain ready to take on the week.

2)      Share with us one thing that most people do NOT know about you?

Coach Derek actually just asked me this question the other week, so I didn’t have to think too hard to come up with an answer! Back in Middle School and into early High School I was an Olympic Development Luge Athlete. I used to leave school and go up to the Olympic Training Center in Lake Placid, NY for training camps for several months out of the year. By the time I was a sophomore in high school I was one of the top Juniors in the U.S. and was fast tracked to the National Team, but at that point things got a little too serious too fast so I ended up leaving the sport. I thought it was the right thing to do to finish my education instead of leaving school to race full time and I stick by that decision today. Looking back, it was a pretty cool period of my life and is a great story to tell when I get asked questions like this!

3)      How long have you been with us at CFR?

I was part of the last group on-ramp class in January of 2018. So, around a year and a half ago. It has flownnnn by!

4)      Take us back to your first week here. How did you feel? Remember the workout?

Honestly, I have very little recollection of my first month or so at CFR. I only came 2 or 3 times a week and was pretty shy (I know, hard to believe). My first solid memory is of the Opens that year when we had our first Friday Night Lights. I met SOOOO many members and that is when I really felt what the Relentless Family was all about. I remember specifically doing 18.4 which was a Deadlift/HSPU WOD and having no less than 6 members around me giving me pointers and trying to get me my first HSPU! Everyone was so helpful and encouraging and I was hooked from then on out!

5)      What moment/achievement are you most proud of at CFR?

Anyone who attends nighttime classes at CFR knows I chased stringing kipping T2B for a very long time. I’m talking months upon months upon months. I worked on them every single day I was at Relentless and they were a constant source of frustration for me. One night they just clicked. I jumped up on the rig and was able to hit 5 or 6 in a row. I jumped down and immediately ran across the gym and practically tackled Emma Bond to the floor in a giant hug. She had been by my side night after night giving me pointers and programming to help me achieve that goal and I was SOOOOO happy she was there that night to share that moment with me.

6)      Design your perfect workout?

My favorite day of the week to come to Relentless is Saturday mornings since it’s a partner workout. You will almost always find me paired up with (and sometimes matching outfits with) my bestie Jessa English. So, my perfect workout obviously has to be a partner WOD and also a chipper since those are my favorite.

Partner Up for Time:
Split reps evenly
100 Cal bike
90 push press @65#
80 Abmat sit-ups
70 Snatch @65#
60 Toes to Bar
50 Box jump @ 24in
40 OHS @ 65#
30 burpees
20 Cal ski
10 strict pull-ups

(I actually want to try this one if there are any takers!)

7)      What is your least favorite movement?

Double Unders. The amount of whip marks on my body from practicing them is insane.

8)      Summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less.

Hard work ALWAYS pays off.

9)      Have you experienced any changes in your lifestyle now that you have been a CrossFit athlete?

My, what hasn’t changed about my lifestyle is a simpler answer. I don’t think anyone who knows me now would even recognize the person I was before CrossFit. Before joining Relentless I was in a really bad place mentally for a long time. I was significantly overweight (around 50 lbs. heavier than I am now) and had battled crippling depression for over 10 years with no real relief. In April of 2018, less than 3 months after joining CrossFit, I walked into my doctor’s office and told them I wanted to try coming off anti-depressants. My doctor was honest with me and told me statistically I had a less than 10% chance of being successful given my history on them. I wanted to try anyways. CrossFit made me happy. It made me feel good about myself. It made all the difference. It’s now been 1 year and 4 months since I saw my doctor and I haven’t gone back. Not only is my mind better but my body is healthier too. Since starting the Relentless Nutrition Challenge 20 weeks ago I am down 32 lbs. and have never felt happier with how I look and feel. My bloodwork at a recent physical exam is better than it’s ever been, and I no longer have high blood pressure. I sleep better and I’m happier than I’ve been in a very long time. So, to me, to say Relentless changed my life is an understatement, it honestly saved my life.

10)   What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking about joining or who has recently joined?

What’s the worst that can happen? What are you waiting for? Why not? All the “W” questions apply here. You never know how one little decision like walking into a CrossFit gym can change your life. Take the plunge, you’ll be glad you did! 😉

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