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If you’re already a member of Viking Athletics, it’s because you recognized that you needed help with your fitness journey. Maybe you needed the education (what to do, when to do it, and how to do it), or maybe it was the accountability aspect (coaches and classmates checking in on you). Getting in the door is a huge step, and I’m sure for most of you, it wasn’t easy. The fact is, the type of people who generally join our community are people who are independent and highly motivated. It’s these types of people who typically prioritize their health and wellness. Unfortunately, being highly independent and motivated also tends to come with a reluctance to ask for help.

ask for help

We see this manifest in a couple different ways in the gym. First, people will be afraid to ask for a demonstration for a given movement. We frequently hear “I didn’t want to bother you,” or “I don’t want to hold up the class.” I, too, have been hesitant to ask for help in the past. Maybe it was my pride getting in the way, but in every case, the result was the same – I ended up spinning my wheels, wasting time and energy, and getting nowhere. It’s frustrating as hell.

This is exactly the reason coaches exist – be it a fitness coach, nutrition coach, mindset coach, or business coach. We’re here to provide guidance. And while we are constantly checking in to make sure you’re okay, and what obstacle we can next help you overcome, you need to do your part too and SPEAK UP. It doesn’t matter what the issue is. Our staff here at Viking Athletics has an incredible amount of experience in the business. It’s rare that we encounter a new obstacle. Common things we see:

  1. Injury/chronic pain.
  2. Feelings of “burnout”/lack of motivation.
  3. Job/family life changes increasing stress levels.
  4. Lifestyle/schedule changes impacting availability to train.
  5. Rehab/micro programs done in the past not working the second time around.
  6. Nutritional habits/diets that worked in the past losing their efficacy.

In most cases, we can help directly. When we can’t, we refer out. That goes for specialized training as well. Want to tackle a Spartan race or something similar? Training for a half marathon? Tired of conditioning and just want to get big and strong AF? Ask for help! We can and want to help you. It’s why you pay us. So please, do your part and talk to a coach. See you in the gym.

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