2019 Intramural Open – Week 4 Update

Week 4 is done, only one week to go! For those of you who are unfamiliar with the larger CrossFit world and have only been to CrossFit Relentless, here’s a quick insight into how the affiliate system works: owners pay to use the CrossFit name, and then operate their gyms the way they see fit. Our approach at CrossFit Relentless is unique to us, and we generally don’t concern ourselves with what other people are doing. Why bother with the Open, then? Well, Week 4 illustrated the reason perfectly. We had:

  • 4 people achieve their first ever unassisted pull-up. Some went on to do multiple
  • 3 additional people perform unassisted pull-ups for the first time in a WOD
  • 2 people set records for most consecutive pull-ups they’ve done
  • 1 person achieve his first bar muscle up and go on to do multiple
  • 5 additional people perform bar muscle ups for the first time in a WOD
  • 6 people perform the WOD using the heaviest snatch weights they’ve ever used

For those counting, that’s 21 PR’s. We also had an immense cheering section that started Friday morning and lasted through Monday night. EVERYONE erupted anytime someone got a muscle up, or got super close. In other words, 19.4 provided multiple opportunities for our athletes to push themselves to achieve feats they didn’t think were possible, and they rose to the challenge, drawing our community closer in doing so. This is what the Open does.

Now, time to be a little divisive and get back to the competition. Life happens: jobs, kids, travel, they can all interfere with training and attendance. Despite having to catch a plane, Heart & Swole captain Ana showed up Friday afternoon to set up her team’s spot, and claimed the throne of the women’s scaled category. Her assistant captain, Erica, had two of her daughters in a play, and still showed up to help set up, going on to claim the women’s 35-39 Rx top spot. Still, they managed to inspire an incredibly supportive group that that showed up Friday morning, evening, Saturday, and Sunday. Whenever they had a member performing the WOD, they had a cheering section there as well. Even in Beijing, China. Ian and Biota Macdonald had to deal with a huge intimidation factor, going to work out at Beijing Sport University’s campus, which has pumped out a number of Olympians. They cheered each other on as they completed their respective versions of 19.4. This was a tremendous feat for Ian, who was still recovering from food poisoning. Heart & Swole indeed! They earned all 10 spirit points for this week.

Complete standings are below, but here’s the overall breakdown:

Team Week 1 Points Week 2 Points Week 3 Points Week 4 Competition Points Spirit Points Total
Booty and the Beast 293 280 221 264 0 1058
Chalk Dirty to Me 239 209 171 200 0 819
Heart and Swole 230 188 149 185 10 762
Jacked in the Box 208 205 167 137 0 717

A reminder on scoring, we award participation points for each of the following 38 divisions:
16-17 Rx – men’s and women’s
16-17 Scaled – men’s and women’s
18-34 Rx – men’s and women’s
18-34 Scaled – men’s and women’s
35-39 Rx – men’s and women’s
35-39 Scaled – men’s and women’s
40-44 Rx – men’s and women’s
40-44 Scaled – men’s and women’s
45-49 Rx – men’s and women’s
45-49 Scaled – men’s and women’s
50-54 Rx – men’s and women’s
50-54 Scaled – men’s and women’s
55-59 Rx – men’s and women’s
55-59 Scaled – men’s and women’s
60-64 Rx – men’s and women’s
60-64 Scaled – men’s and women’s
65-69 Rx – men’s and women’s
65-69 Scaled – men’s and women’s
70-74 Rx – men’s and women’s
70-74 Scaled – men’s and women’s

Now, the points breakdown:
WOD completion: 3 points
PR: 7 points
1st place finish: 6 points
2nd place finish: 4 points

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