2019 Intramural Open – Week 3 Update

We’re over the hump! Three weeks down, two to go. Week 3 was…interesting, to say the least. When it came to team spirit, Booty and the Beast went with a Belle and the Beast them, playing into their team namesake. It was VERY well executed, with team mascots, masks for the photo booth, and decorated cookies that fit into the theme. They also put up a banner with interesting facts about each team member. Heart and Swole went with a King and Queen of Hearts theme, but since neither their captain nor co-captain could help set up, each of the other teams sent representatives to help out, earning those teams bonus points. Chalk Dirty to Me started out with a well executed Luau theme: lays, island music, island attire, Hawaiian punch, etc. This put both Booty and the Beast, and Chalk Dirty to Me in the lead for spirit points through the halfway point of the night.

And then, Chalk Dirty to Me took a hard left turn, introducing some truly gag worthy paraphernalia[1]. While it was, admittedly, hilarious, it was also a unilateral effort that was not coordinated with the team, and it turned a wholesome, Disney/family friendly night into a bachelorette party, when there were kids present. I was planning to dock points for this, but Chalk Dirty to Me had 2 redeeming factors: traveling members who still managed to complete the WOD. Todd Richardson performed the WOD in Colchester, still repping his Chalk Dirty to Me shirt.

Intramural Open - Week 3 Update

Even more remarkable was the performance of Kai Wu, who is in Thailand for his honeymoon. In his own words, “In order to get gym time we had to sign up for a Thai boxing class, which I did right before the workout. Also we had to gather equipment from like 5 different places, and the dojo doesn’t allow shoes.” He videoed the whole thing, which is included below:

Todd’s and Kai’s performances negated the penalty, and so Booty and Chalk tied for team spirit, earning 5 points each.

Complete standings are below, but here’s the overall breakdown:

Team Week 1 Points Week 2 Points Week 3 Competition Points Spirit Points Total
Booty and the Beast 293 280 216 5 794
Chalk Dirty to Me 239 209 166 5 619
Heart and Swole 230 188 149 0 567
Jacked in the Box 208 205 167 0 580

A reminder on scoring, we award participation points for each of the following 38 divisions:

16-17 Rx – men’s and women’s
16-17 Scaled – men’s and women’s
18-34 Rx – men’s and women’s
18-34 Scaled – men’s and women’s
35-39 Rx – men’s and women’s
35-39 Scaled – men’s and women’s
40-44 Rx – men’s and women’s
40-44 Scaled – men’s and women’s
45-49 Rx – men’s and women’s
45-49 Scaled – men’s and women’s
50-54 Rx – men’s and women’s
50-54 Scaled – men’s and women’s
55-59 Rx – men’s and women’s
55-59 Scaled – men’s and women’s
60-64 Rx – men’s and women’s
60-64 Scaled – men’s and women’s
65-69 Rx – men’s and women’s
65-69 Scaled – men’s and women’s
70-74 Rx – men’s and women’s
70-74 Scaled – men’s and women’s

Now, the points breakdown:
WOD completion: 3 points
PR: 7 points
1st place finish: 6 points
2nd place finish: 4 points

[1] See what I did there?

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