2019 Intramural Open – Week 2 Update

We’re really cooking now! Week 2 has come and gone, and had SO MANY PR’s! Since 19.2 was basically a repeat of 16.2, we awarded PR points for everyone who bested their 16.2 score this time around. We had numerous athletes match their 1 rep max clean in this WOD, but this time, they did it for reps! This plus a couple people managing to clean heavier than they ever have counted for PR points. We also had people do their first WOD with toes to bar and/or double unders, and a few people strung together more toes to bar or doubles than they have before. In other words, 19.2 offered numerous opportunities to PR, and our members certainly capitalized on it.

Before we review our scoring, we had to make some updates to last week. We have 1 athlete in our 16-17 age division who did not receive podium points last week, and we had 3 athletes with PR’s that did not originally see credit. Adding in those points resulted in the following week 1 scores:

Booty and the Beast: 293
Chalk Dirty to Me: 239
Heart and Swole: 230
Jacked in the Box: 208

Now on to this week: team Jacked in the Box showed tremendous spirit by one-upping their week 1 table with additional props – they had members’ pictures taped to sticks, creating more masks for their photo booths. Hilarious! All 10 spirit points went to them.

For participation points, we recognize the following 38 divisions, and your age bracket is based on how old you’ll be as of 7/14/19:
16-17 Rx – men’s and women’s
16-17 Scaled – men’s and women’s
18-34 Rx – men’s and women’s
18-34 Scaled – men’s and women’s
35-39 Rx – men’s and women’s
35-39 Scaled – men’s and women’s
40-44 Rx – men’s and women’s
40-44 Scaled – men’s and women’s
45-49 Rx – men’s and women’s
45-49 Scaled – men’s and women’s
50-54 Rx – men’s and women’s
50-54 Scaled – men’s and women’s
55-59 Rx – men’s and women’s
55-59 Scaled – men’s and women’s
60-64 Rx – men’s and women’s
60-64 Scaled – men’s and women’s
65-69 Rx – men’s and women’s
65-69 Scaled – men’s and women’s
70-74 Rx – men’s and women’s
70-74 Scaled – men’s and women’s

Now, a reminder of the points breakdown:
WOD completion: 3 points
PR: 7 points
1st place finish: 6 points
2nd place finish: 4 points
We had 1 division with a tie for first place, so both athletes split the 10 available podium points, receiving 5 each.

The full scorecard is below, but here are this week’s points and overall points:
Booty and the Beast: 280 points week 2, 573 overall
Chalk Dirty to Me: 209 points week 2, 448 overall
Heart and Swole: 188 points week 2, 418 overall
Jacked in the Box: 205 points week 2, 413 overall

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