2019 Intramural Open – Week 1 Update

Week 1 is officially over, and we certainly started things off with a bang! We have 77 ladies and 94 men participating in our Intramural Open for a total of 171 athletes.  Of these 171, 148 recorded a score for 19.1 thereby earning 3 points for their teams. 108 signed up online through the CF Games site, earning 2 points.

Our teams all showed tremendous spirit, with people making posters, creating team photo booths, bringing mascots, and setting up team tables complete with all sorts of delicious food offerings. The two teams that stood out and tied for this week’s spirit points are Booty and the Beast, and Heart and Swole. Booty and the Beast had all but 2 people complete the WOD, had the most people sign up through the Games site, and had hilarious team mascots at Friday Night Lights (including the booty emoji!) Heart and Swole started their cheer section at 5am, continued all day. They were also inclusive of other teams in their cheering, showing tremendous sportsmanship. Since 10 points were available for spirit, each team will receive 5 additional points.

For weekly points, we recognize each division that the CF Games site recognizes. This means that there are podium spots available for the following 36 divisions:

16-34 Rx – men’s and women’s
16-34 Scaled – men’s and women’s
35-39 Rx – men’s and women’s
35-39 Scaled – men’s and women’s
40-44 Rx – men’s and women’s
40-44 Scaled – men’s and women’s
45-49 Rx – men’s and women’s
45-49 Scaled – men’s and women’s
50-54 Rx – men’s and women’s
50-54 Scaled – men’s and women’s
55-59 Rx – men’s and women’s
55-59 Scaled – men’s and women’s
60-64 Rx – men’s and women’s
60-64 Scaled – men’s and women’s
65-69 Rx – men’s and women’s
65-69 Scaled – men’s and women’s
70-74 Rx – men’s and women’s
70-74 Scaled – men’s and women’s

You are in the age bracket based on your age as of 7/14/19, which means that a few of you moved up a division. A reminder of the points breakdown:

WOD completion: 3 points
Sign up on Games Site: 2 points
PR: 7 points
1st place finish: 6 points
2nd place finish: 4 points

The full scorecard is below, but here are the standings as they are now:
Booty and the Beast: 293 points
Chalk Dirty to Me: 225 Points
Heart and Swole: 230 Points
Jacked in the Box: 195 points

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