The 2018 CrossFit Relentless Intramural Open

The 2018 CrossFit Relentless Intramural Open

Team Structure

Yale has 14 residential colleges, Harvard doesn’t matter, and Hogwarts has 4 houses for intramural purposes. Channeling the Hogwarts model, we will be dividing our members into teams for the Open. Our goal here at CFR is to educate and inspire. Education comes through regular classes – you learn how to do the movements, why we do them, and good habits to ensure that you stay healthy. Competition helps with the ‘inspire’ part: the pressure to perform pushes you to train harder; the social boost of dozens of your best friends cheering for you will help you reach a higher plane. Heck, watching your teammates GO is inspiring.

For our intramural open, we will have 4 teams, each led by a captain. Captains will always be members, not coaches. This year’s captains have already been elected by our coaching staff. We wanted to choose people who will have fun and encourage their teammates to do the same, rather than be hyper competitive. The goal is to encourage participation and inclusion. Athletes pushing harder is a natural side effect of the Open. Participation is key for this to happen. Our 4 team captains for 2018 are:

Emma Tuthill
Mike Ducharme
Ray Pons
Tricia Tardif

In the coming weeks, you may be approached by one or more of our captains as they attempt to recruit for their respective teams. Captains may cajole, coerce, bribe, and otherwise attempt to persuade you to join their teams. Our more competitive athletes and our coaches will be distributed amongst the 4 teams via a draft system, to prevent stacking any teams. If you are drafted, you will be notified. If not, you may choose your own team. That being said, we will attempt to keep team numbers as equal as possible. Those who do not choose will be placed on teams with fewer members. In a worst-case scenario, we may have to shuffle some people around to keep numbers even, but we’ll cross that bridge if we come to it. Final team rosters will be locked in by the start of the Open, on 2/22.

Your team captain will have the ultimate authority when it comes to choosing the team name. They may choose to decide the name unilaterally, or to make the process democratic within the team. However, even in a democratic process, the captain gets the final say. Captains are also encouraged to spearhead the effort for a team t-shirt or uniform (feel free to be creative!), or to delegate the responsibility. While team uniforms are optional, they are highly encouraged because team spirit can earn your team additional points. Furthermore, coaches will vote on best team name as the Open nears its end, and this will award additional points to the winning team (see Scoring below).

Open WODs

As mentioned in our February newsletter, the Open WODs will be programmed for Friday classes. We will also be hosting weekly “Friday Night Lights” events at 7PM, where you and your team can show up and thrown down. Those who don’t make it in on Friday (either class or FNL) will need to plan with coaches/judges to perform the workout at another time. The deadline is the Monday after the WOD announcement by 8PM.

To earn points for your WOD performance, you must have your reps judged. While CrossFit HQ determines what they deem to be acceptable scaling options for each WOD, we recognize that even some of those options might not work for our members. For example, the coaching staff is aware that we have members who are still working towards a full depth overhead squat. If this is your situation, your judge will ensure that you hit YOUR full depth on each squat. PLEASE NOTE, if these reps don’t meet the HQ standard, they will not count for an online score submission through the CrossFit Games site. However, they will count for our Open, since we still want you to experience what it’s like to have your workouts judged. As long as a scorecard is filled out with your name as the competitor, you will earn points for your team.


WOD Completion (weekly points available) – 5 points for each team member that shows up and performs the workout judged. Limit 5 points per person – no additional points for repeating a workout. This goes for RX and scaled. To receive credit, you MUST submit a scorecard.

Personal Achievement (weekly points possible) – Points may be earned for personal achievements. 5 additional points will be added for: 1st WOD done Rx’d, 1st WOD done with toes to bar, chest to bar pull-ups, 1st WOD with double unders, etc. If it’s worthy of mention on our Shout-Out board, it’s worthy of points. This is limited to 1 achievement per week.

Team Spirit (weekly points available) – 5 Points will be given to the team with the most pride, noise, and ATTENDANCE each week.

Personal Performance (weekly points available) – 2 points will be awarded to the top 3 male and female finishers for each WOD, in each division recognized by HQ. This includes Rx, Scaled, Masters, and Masters’ Scaled if applicable. NOTE: if it is abundantly clear that you should have done a workout Rx’d, and you scaled to try to claim at top 3 finish, you will forfeit all points you earned for your team that week. It will count as a no-show for you (see below).

Open Completion (end of Open) – 5 bonus points will be awarded to each team member who performs ALL FIVE Open WODs judged. Five weeks is a long time, and it can be mentally (not to mention physically) draining to complete the Open. We want to reward your persistence.

Team Spirit (end of Open) – 5 points will be given for the best team name, and 5 for the best team uniform. This will be decided by coaches’ vote towards the end of the Open.

The winning team will have their name inscribed on our house trophy, and will also win a prize.

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