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“There’s a lot of bad press out there about CrossFit, but when my doctor told me “I’m your doctor and I’m telling you to go to Viking Athletics, the coaches will take care of you,” I had to give it a shot. The coaches are great – it’s a big focus on technique rather than just moving weight to say you did it. Every bad article I’ve read – it doesn’t happen here. When I first started, there were certain workouts I flat out couldn’t do because I’ve never focused on mobility before. Since starting, my posture is much better, my back isn’t hunched as much, and I can reach farther than before. The coaching here – it’s almost like having a personal trainer. The coaches get to know every member, they tailor the workouts to the individual and let you know when you can push a little harder, or when you need to dial it back. Every workout is a challenge, but it’s very rewarding.”

Josh Osborne’s story

“I think Viking Athletics for me has been completely unique in terms of community feel. I find it remarkable – I come from the dance world, and this is the first thing I’ve found where I feel as stimulated, as well coached, and guided through the technique. Of everything I do, this is what I look forward to the most. I have a stressful job and lots of kids at home. There’s something for me about coming here and just feeling like a warrior – like the other day we did these heavy lifts and I wasn’t sure I could do it, but then I did, and I just felt like I could manage and push through whatever life threw at me next. I’m here six days a week, I lift more weight than I thought possible, and I just got my first pull-up! I came here first, then my husband joined, and then three of my four kids. There’s something to be said about sharing this as a family – sharing our accomplishments, talking about what’s coming up, etc. Viking Athletics is about community, resilience, and perseverance. This is your army of people, and you can get through everything together.”

Andrea Kasper’s story

“I started at Viking Athletics back in April 2017 and my only regret is not signing up sooner. I wanted to find a gym where I left the workouts feeling strong and fit; which is exactly what I get here. The positive atmosphere along with the encouragement and motivation from the coaches is what makes such a thriving environment for all athletes. After just five months my performance has improved more than I ever could have imagined and I owe it all to the coaches at Viking Athletics!”

Emily Skane’s story

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