Announcing the 2023 Intramural Open!


We are excited to announce the return of the CrossFit Relentless Intramural Open, hosted at Viking Athletics! This is separate from the No Bull CrossFit Open – we do not require you to sign up online for that. That being said, if you would like to register, you’re welcome to do so here. You’ll be doing the same WODs anyway. Now, the details for the Intramural Open:

What is it? Each year in late February / early March, CrossFitters worldwide participate in the CrossFit Games Open. It is a series of workouts performed week to week until the end of the Open. In 2011, it was 6 weeks, so 6 workouts. In its current iteration, it is 3 workouts: one per week for 3 weeks. The workout is released at 3pm on Thursday, and you have until the following Monday at 8pm to perform it with a judge counting your reps (or you can video it and send it to me).

We turn this into an intramural competition, where the gym is divided into 3 teams. Each team has a captain, who is there to help foster team spirit and coordinate events if they so choose.

We will also be bringing back Friday Night Lights, which is when we run continuous heats of the Open workout, while other team members show up to watch, cheer, and judge. We will have regular classes through 1pm. There will be NO 4PM CLASS. Starting at 5pm we abandon the class schedule and begin continuous heats. We will announce heat times the morning of – this will depend on the time domain of the workout. Heats are run until everyone participating has finished. Then it’s party time!

Points are awarded for team spirit, and Friday Night Lights is a big factor for this. It’s also a great time to meet members who might not go to your class time, or who participate in other programs.

When is it? The 2023 Open schedule is as follows:

  • Week 1: Thursday, 2/16 at 3pm until Monday, 2/20 at 8pm.
  • Week 2: Thursday, 2/23  at 3pm until Monday, 2/27 at 8pm.
  • Week 3: Thursday, 3/02 at 3pm until Monday, 3/06 at 8pm.

We program the Open WODs as our regular class WOD the Friday after the workout is released, which will be 2/17, 2/24, and 3/03. We will have Friday Night Lights starting at 5pm on these dates as well.

How can I participate? Every member of our CrossFit program is automatically entered into the Intramural Open. Members of our other programs have the option to join as well – we have had representatives from Youth Strength and Conditioning, Viking Barbell Club, and Powerlifting in the past. YOU MUST COMPLETE THE WOD TO GET CREDIT FOR IT – DOING A SINGLE REP DOESN’T COUNT (unless you’re injured).  To get your Open workout in, you have the following options:

  • Attend 5am, 615am, 845am, or 12pm class on Fridays during the Open
  • Participate in Friday Night Lights, which will begin at 5pm on Fridays during the Open
  • Schedule time with a coach or friend to judge your reps on Thursday, Saturday, Sunday , or Monday during the Open. If the workout is done prior to 8pm on Monday, it will count.

How does scoring work? Our aim with the Open is to build camaraderie, and to foster an environment where our members push themselves to try things that they never thought possible. Over the years we’ve had numerous first pull-ups, muscle-ups, handstand push-ups, and we’ve had people perform workouts using heavier weights than they thought they could do. Every year I am impressed as hell at how our members rise to the challenge. It is these accomplishments and community building that we wish to celebrate more than anything else. So, points will be awarded for the following:

Points will be awarded for the following:

  • WOD completion (accompanied by scorecard): 3 points (awarded weekly)
  • Complete all WODs: 5-point bonus (assessed at end of Open)
  • PR: 10 points
  • Win your division: 7 points (Divisions are M/F, and foundations, scaled, & Rx, for <18, 18-54, and 55+)
  • Team spirit: 5 points (awarded weekly)
  • Sandbag the WOD by doing an easier division to win it: -25 points

Possible PRs:
Heaviest weight lifted
First Pull-up
First Muscle-up
First Rx’d WOD
Better score on a repeat WOD from previous years

-I will only accept an official scorecard with a judge’s signature, or a video submission. If you perform the workout during class on Friday, make sure your judge signs your card. If you’re out of town and dropping into another affiliate, please take a picture of your scorecard and email it to me at Your video submission (valid submission method if you’re flying solo and don’t have a judge) can be sent there as well.

-Wodify scores will not be accepted as submissions. So, PLEASE WRITE LEGIBLY on your scorecards.

-Please note any PR’s or milestones on your scorecard. If it’s not recorded, you will not get credit.

What are the teams? Our team co-captains are listed below. If you haven’t heard from you captain yet, stay tuned! You will shortly. It is up to the team captains to decide on a team name. We will be doing the same shirts for everyone this year, with different color print for each time (see below)

  • Team 1 Captain: Amber Washington
  • Team 2 Captain: Wanda Ramos
  • Team 3 Captain: Matt Lisak

I’ll be sending out weekly updates through FB and blog post, which will include a link to the official scoring spreadsheet. Stay tuned for that.

Apparel: As stated above, all members who choose to order a t-shirt will have the same base design, shown below (it will obviously have our name in place “PSKC CrossFit”). Each team will have a different color print to differentiate them from each other. All shirts will be unisex tees. Price is TBD, but it should be about the same as our usual t-shirt rate (somewhere in the $25-$30 range). We’ll keep everyone posted.


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