Margot Dayton – August 2020 Member of the Month!

Congratulations to Margot Dayton for being our August Member of the Month! Margot is a loyal member of our 5am class. She loves hiking, baking, and customizing things, and hates single arm overhead squats. Her husband Matt, whom she met at age 12 in 7th grade, is also a Viking Athletics member. Enjoy Margot’s interview!

Margot Dayton - August Member of the Month!

1. What are your hobbies/interest/talents outside of CrossFit?
Outside of CrossFit I enjoy cooking/baking, hiking and skiing. I also enjoy unnecessarily customizing things, especially T-shirts.

2. What’s one thing that most people do NOT know about you?
I’m pretty boring overall. Most people might not know that I’ve known my husband since we were 12, when we were 7th graders at Sedgwick Middle School.

3. How long have you been with us at Viking Athletics?
I’ve been here just about three years.

4. Take us back to your first week here. How did you feel? Remember the workout?
My first workout (post on-ramp) was weighted pull-ups followed by a 12 minute EMOM of 3 kipping pullups, 5 jumping squats and max push ups (score being total push ups). I have absolutely no memory of this, I went back to Wodify to check. I scaled everything except the squats.

5. What moment/achievement are you most proud of at Viking Athletics?
Probably toes to bar, although I’m still struggling with stringing them together.

6. Design your perfect workout?
I like the longer cardio workouts, so a 30-minute AMRAP with rowing, wallballs, and box jumps.

7. What is your least favorite movement?
Single arm overhead squats, which we seem to be doing a lot of recently (thumbs down Erik!).

8. Summarize your lifestyle in 5 words or less.
Busy but happy

9. Have you experienced any changes in your lifestyle now that you have been a CrossFit athlete? 
Absolutely! Over the past 1.5 years I have given much more attention to nutrition. During this time, I have lost 33.8 pounds, and 32.2% of my body fat (started off at 35.3%, down to 23.9%). This is 100% due to the Viking Athletic nutrition challenges. I’m so grateful to Emma and Erik for their help during the 3 challenges in which I have participated. And it’s not just about me, this in turn has led to my husband and kids changing the way we all eat. It makes the workouts easier too when you’re carting around less weight.

10. What advice do you have for anyone who is thinking about joining or who has recently joined?
If you’ve just joined, great choice! You won’t regret it. If you’re considering joining, give it a try! It’s an amazing group of athletes and coaches and it’s truly the only thing that I would consider getting out of bed for at 4:30 AM. I joined a few months after my husband did, he couldn’t stop talking about it and kept insisting I would love it. He was right (shhh, don’t tell him).

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