Focus on the 99 %

Happy 2023, everyone! When it comes to health and fitness, it’s easy to focus on the tree and lose sight of the forest. And yet, it would benefit us more to focus on the 99 %. What do we mean?

“Should I wear lifting shoes?”
“Do I need a weightlifting belt?”
“Will knee sleeves help me squat more?”
“Is casein protein better than whey?”
“Should I carb cycle on rest days?”
“Does intermittent fasting work?”
“Should I try contrast baths?”
“Are cold plunges beneficial?”
“What about cryotherapy?”

Do any of these questions sound familiar? They all have one thing in common – they are best reserved for members who have their health habits dialed in OUTSIDE the gym. We spend roughly 1 hour per day in the gym, which leaves 23 outside of it. Maximizing what we do in these 23 hours is going to give us better results than trying to make up for less than optimal habits for 1 hour per day.

Focus on the 99

Before asking about wearing specific training gear, ask yourself:
“Is my class attendance consistent?”
“Do I put in my best effort each class?”

Before asking about specific supplements and dietary strategies, ask yourself:
“Am I eating protein and veggies with every meal?”
“Am I energized for the day and for training, or am I sluggish and tired all the time?”
“Am I overindulging in junk food/booze/[insert vice here]?”

Before asking about advanced recovery strategies, ask yourself:
“Am I getting enough sleep at night?”
“Am I moving throughout the day, or do I sit all the time when not at the gym?”

These lifestyle habits will give you more bang for your buck and help you improve your health and fitness faster than the minute changes you can make in the gym. So step back and look at the forest before honing in on a tree. Focus on the 99 %. See you in the gym.

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