2023 Intramural Open – Week 1 Update

Week 1 of the 2023 Intramural Open has officially come to an end! Scores have been validated for those who opted to participate in the official Games Open. For our 2023 Intramural Open, scores are below. As with years past, the scoring breakdown is on the same sheet as the overall score. You can scroll down to see it.

Team 2 Legit 2 Quit had the highest number of participants. Even though we’ve reduced participation points compared to pre-pandemic times (it used to be 5), this is still the primary score driver. PR’s were relatively even amongst teams (2-2-1), as was team spirit. The determining factor for this week’s 10 point bonus was the fact that Team Conversational Pace had 2 members on travel who managed to complete the Open WOD by dropping into other gyms. We admire this dedication, so Conversational Pace wins the 10 point spirit bonus.

In the past, we’ve tweaked podium positions based on the number of people in a division. We opted not to this year. All divisions have up to 3 podium spots. If there are fewer than 3 participants in that division, everyone gets a podium spot. Our -25 point penalty for sandbagging serves as a deterrent for anyone trying to game the system here.

As a reminder, if you hit a PR, make sure to note it on your scorecard. The picture below has an overview of the week 1 scores. You can click it or the link below it to get a complete score breakdown both by division and by team.

2023 Intramural Open

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