2018 Intramural Open – Week 2 Update

2018 Intramural Open – Week 2 Update

Week 2 of the 2018 Intramural Open has come and gone! Despite the face that many of our weightlifters had meets to compete in, we still had 136 members participate! Even better, Friday Night Lights was BY FAR bigger than last week. Let’s keep it up! The high level of enthusiasm resulted in a tie for spirit points between Hustle for the Muscle and Just the Kip. As a result, we split the 5 point bonus. Since I’m only counting in whole numbers, their 2.5 points were rounded up to 3 each.

The format of 18.2 and 18.2A allowed for athletes to score up to 14 points. 18.2 was scored the same as 18.1, where athletes were ranked based on age, and Rx or scaled. 18.2A was scored as a pseudo-separate WOD; you could not earn an additional 5 participation points, but you could earn podium points for a top 3 finish, and PR points. As on the Games site, athletes who did not finish 18.2 received a clean weight of 0 lbs. This is not a scratch (denoted by a “–“), which is only given to athletes who did not attempt 18.2 at all. Furthermore, there were no scaled divisions in 18.2A. This means that the divisions were rearranged for the scoring of 18.2A, and only age groups were taken into consideration. Therefore, there were fewer divisions, and fewer point finishes for 18.2A.

We had a number of athletes take advantage of this WOD format, and of the 136 participants, 27 hit clean PRs! That’s just under 20% of our athletes! HUUUUUUUGE!!!!

And now, before we get to what everyone is waiting for, a few scoring reminders and clarifications:

  1. 5 points were awarded to everyone for completion – reps had to be judged, and I had to see a scorecard.
  1. 5 points were awarded to everyone who hit a clean PR. Furthermore, we had 2 athletes push themselves to go Rx, which they’ve never done in an Open WOD before. While this in and of itself does not earn points, they both hit PRs by doing weighted squats with 35 lb dumbbells, which they’ve never used before. This does constitute a PR.
  1. Divisions – As we saw last week, there were a number of different divisions based on age and scaling. This ONLY applied to 18.2, not 18.2A. For podium points in 18.2, we used the same breakdown as last week:
      1. For divisions with <5 people, 2 points were awarded to the top finisher
      2. For divisions with 5 people, 2 points were awarded to each of the top 2 finishers
      3. For divisions with >5 people, 2 points were awarded to each of the top 3 finishers
      4. In the event of a tie for a point position, the available points were averaged and divided among the tied athletes.

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