2018 Intramural Open – Final Update

2018 Intramural Open – Final Update

That’s all she wrote! Our inaugural CrossFit Relentless Intramural Open has come to a close, and it was a huge success! Thank you to everyone who showed up week in and week out to support your teams and partake in the festivities; we couldn’t have done this without you!

Congratulations to Team Hustle for the Muscle for their handily won victory! In addition to winning the overall competition, they won the team spirit bonus for week 5. Team Just the Kip won the bonus for having the best team name, and both Hustle for the Muscle and Just the Kip split the bonus for best team uniform. Just the Kip had the best t-shirts, but Hustle for the Muscle had a full ensemble, including shirts, leggings, socks, and headbands. They really went all out! Team Barbells and Beers won a 50 point spirit bonus, because let’s be honest: everyone drinking a beer during the Open was really supporting that team (or maybe they’re pity points). Despite this massive bonus, Barbells and Beers is securely in last place.

Final scores are below. There were several scoring errors in past weeks, which have all been corrected and accounted for on the “Overall Tab.” I have not gone back to update previous blog posts. ANd now here are a few reminders and clarifications:

  1. 5 points were awarded to everyone for completion – reps had to be judged, and I had to see a scorecard.
  1. 5 points were awarded to everyone who did their first Chest to Bar Pull-up, heaviest thruster in a WOD, or completed their first WOD with actual Chest to Bar Pull-ups.
  1. As mentioned in the original announcement, a 5 point bonus was awarded to every member who completed all 5 Open WODs.
  1. Divisions – we used the same breakdown as previous weeks:
    1. For divisions with <5 people, 2 points were awarded to the top finisher
    2. For divisions with 5 people, 2 points were awarded to each of the top 2 finishers
    3. For divisions with >5 people, 2 points were awarded to each of the top 3 finishers
    4. In the event of a tie for a point position, the available points were averaged and divided among the tied athletes, rounded up to the nearest full point.

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